Raju GC - Visual Artist

Raju GC is a Contemporary Nepalese artist based in Berlin.
He is currently a Ph.D doctoral candidate at Bauhaus University, Weimar.

Raju GC, Cross Cultural Remake in Film, Installation View, UdK, Berlin.
Raju GC, Hukka Culture (Detail), Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas, 91,44 x 121,92 cm, 2006
Raju GC, Anspielung, Six Flipbooks, Variable Dimensions, 2014
Raju GC, Taj Mahal, Silkscreens on cloth, Select frame out of 8 prints, 2007.
Raju GC, Barbie in Great wall of China, Vinyl stickers on MDF Board, 2007.