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About the Project:

The project Gantavya comprises of digitally printed artist poesy book (20 x 20 cm, Edition of 3), circulated or passed on from one person to another primarily through post. 

Each book is sent in an enclosed envelop with post-stamps for further circulation along with the info/instruction manual. The consecutive receivers can send to whoever he/she wishes, anywhere within Germany. The international postage is welcome but the postage cost is to be paid by the sender himself or herself.

The aim of the project is to share the migratory experiences of Nepalese labour migrant returnees, through images (drawings, photos, digital collages) and poems, written in Nepali language. The basis for the images and the poems are Nepalese migrant returnees’ life stories, extracted through the narrative interviews that were conducted by the artist. 

The project has been curated by Christian Sinn and is part of the exhibition series, MANTIK.BERLIN - a non-profit artist-run exhibition space in a private flat in Berlin Charlottenburg. This project is part of the monthly solo exhibition for the month of May, except the fact that the work is not physically situated at the exhibition space. The material presented in this website, therefore, are to be understood only as supplementary information.